About Us

My London
Beauty Salon
is a New Concept..

My London Beauty Salon is a New Concept in Advanced Skin Care and Slimming Clinic with an International flavour from Brazil, Spain, France and UK. The treatments we offer are known and proven for their best results over the years on an international level, some recently introduced in more advanced clinics in the UK. Cintia Palotto, the owner of the clinic, is a woman with a vision and a fine eye for detail. With many years in the beauty industry she has now fulfilled her dream of offering clients in London what is readily available and affordable in other countries.

Every person should be able to make Health and Beauty part of their life with expert advice and caring expertise at an affordable price. Liana Stefan, who helped establish and manage the business, has more than 35 years in the Beauty Industry. Her career in beauty therapy included working with top salons in Oxford Street, Kensington and Grass in France where she gained the expertise needed to later open salons in London and Spain. Her practice has more recently included lecturing in Beauty Therapy in London.

“When the opportunity arose for helping to establish a New Concept Health and Beauty Clinic in an increasingly fashionable part of London, I was delighted! Working with the latest technology in Laser treatments and Slimming plus top experts in dieting, fitness and medical professionals, I feel we can offer the best packages in beauty and well being!”